Al Gore’s House Powered by His Own Hot Air

28 02 2007

Conservative groups claim that Al Gore’s Nashville mansion uses too much electricity. But a spokeswoman for Gore said the former vice president creates enough of his own renewable energy to make up for the home’s power consumption.

Al Gore’s house is actually powered by a new technology called the pompous wind-baggery thermal conversion generator.

AL Gore generates his energy by using his nearly endless supply of hot air, which is converted to power by concentrating the limitless supply of bile filled ranting anti technology diatribe available in any typical Al Gore speech using the “pompous wind-baggery thermal conversion generator”.


The new technology can power the Gore house for more than a whole day, power a normal American house for about a year, or power an entire third world nation for several years (may require using a longer version of the typical Gore “doom and gloom” speech).

Al Gore also supplies a large amount of methane gas but Gore spokesmen were unwilling to elaborate more on the Gore methane production, saying only that the amount of gas available was “significant”. Scientists assure us that this is possible as Al Gore spends a significant amount of his speech time talking from his “Methane Production Facility”.

Gore participates in a utility buyback program and contributes blocks of his own brand of “green power” selling hundreds of “green power” blocks to the power utilities every month. The income received by Gore through this program is helping subsidize his own renewable energy source by aiding him with expenses incurred jetting, bussing and SUV-ing around the country from place to place speechifying and bellowing about the “end of the world”.

This world changing energy technology is still in secret development. Al Gore has been regularly attached to the beta model, and he has been thoroughly testing the output by burning more energy to power his home per day than the amount of power used by some third world nations in a year.

Talks are under way with Al Gore to harness this enormous potential energy resource but the EPA is concerned that the accompanying noise pollution will prove detrimental to the technology, by making it almost impossible to escape the constant droning of Al Gore’s voice as the windbag generates ever more hot air with his non-stop finger pointing, laying of blame and “end of the world” predictions.




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28 02 2007

Fun with a dictionary: GORETHOGRAPHY

The Goracle causes Goregasms through unGorethdox, Gorewellian Goreatory.

He is Gorechestrating a Gorederly, Goreganized Goregy about saving Goreganisms from New Goreleans, to the Goreient.

/stolen from an LGF comment

10 11 2008

Good post.

20 05 2009

Super post. i will visit again…

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